I’m so excited to officially tell everyone that… I AM MOVING TO CHICAGO! I know what you’re thinking:

“Its going to be cold”

“That’s really far from your family”

“What are you doing there?”

“Why on earth would you do that?”

I know, I know. But if you know me, you know that I prefer the cold over the South Georgia summer any day and I will wear lots and lots of layers. My family and friends will be 11-15 hours away but it’s just a short 3 hour flight, and plus this gives them a place to come visit!


In Chicago (Wheaton, IL to be exact) I have accepted a position on the Summit Team of a ministry called Leader Treks. This ministry believes that strong leadership is void in the next generation, especially in the church. So they made it their mission to create intentional training, curriculum, and experiences to help develop students into strong leaders with a biblical foundation. The Summit Team uses these tools in the environments of mission trips and wilderness trips where myself, and the rest of the summit team lead the students through the training to become better leaders. The program is for 2 years where i hope to not only help develop the leadership skills of the students but also my own.

And lastly, why am I doing this?

I have asked myself that question many times in this process and I only have one answer: God’s will. I have always wanted to travel and move out of Georgia, but Chicago was never somewhere I would have picked out. I didn’t seek this particular line of work, and wasn’t even looking to go back into ministry. But the Lord has bigger plans (Proverbs 19:21). I have used the Leader Treks curriculum once before during my year as a youth leader. I was still on their email list and would get updates on sales, new curriculum, etc… I never paid too much attention until one day the tag line read “don’t know what to do after college?”. And as you read in my about me section, I have been wondering what I’m doing for the past year since college. I’ve been working in a bagel shop, living at home, and constantly searching for a job that would use my degree. I’ve come up empty time and time again so when I read that email I felt the Lord speaking to me right then. At first it sounded cool, I would get to travel and actually do meaningful work but I had so many questions and concerns. Once I got the courage to apply it all went so quickly. Before I knew it I was flying to Chicago for a face-to-face interview and was being offered the job!

Since then it’s been an absolute whirlwind. There have been many, many setbacks (which I will have a follow up blog for later) but through it all the Lord has prevailed. I will be in Illinois by Summer to start the trips but I have much to do before then. Since this is a ministry, I will essentially be a missionary. Which means I will need to raise the majority of my funding that will be used as my income for the next 2 years. I know it sounds crazy to leave a full time, paying job for something that is so unpredictable. But to me that’s the beauty of it; I will have to fully rely on God, more than ever. I know that He will send the right people my way to join me on this incredible adventure.

If you are interested in hearing more I would love to meet with you in person, by phone, skype, or email. I also will be sending out letters if you would like to leave me your address. Click HERE to leave me your contact info and I will be in touch soon.

If you are already on board, click HERE. This will take you to the Leader Treks website where you can give a one time donation or set it up to be monthly.

I want to already say THANK YOU! Whether you are financially supporting me or sending prayers and encouragement my way, I thank you. I cannot do this without you and I am forever grateful.

I will try to update this as much as possible so you can follow along on this journey.


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