This weekend I went to my brother’s graduation in South Georgia. He graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga which has a special place in my heart. I started school there in 2009 and It was so weird being back there.

ABAC was more than just a school for me, it was where so many changes happened. I figured out who I was and who I didn’t want to be. I fell deeper in love with Jesus. I found my best friends who became sisters. I developed a passion for student ministry. And even though I didn’t know it then, the Lord was preparing me for the plans He has for me now.

Thinking back on all the changes I went through I am reminded of how faithful God has been. Even when I was so overwhelmed of the unknown, He was ALWAYS faithful.

And here I am again. Amidst so many changes and so many unknowns.

The friends I made in college are now finding their way in their careers, a few are married to incredible men, and one of my best friends just had a baby! Oh how things have changed…

And now in just  • one week •  I will be moving to a new state and starting another new season of life.

I’m reminded of Ecclesiastes 3


These changes are scary because there are so many unknowns, but we know that God is in control and that is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us and I’m so thankful I get to be apart of these seasons.


One less unknown: I’m happy to report that I know where I will be trip leading this summer

K E N T U C K Y 

My amazing co-leader and I will be working in Manchester, KY leading students on mission projects, hikes, and leadership training.

I have a few specific prayers that I would appreciate all of you keeping in mind:

  • Safe travels. My mom and I will be making the 12 hour trip to Chicago on Saturday. We’re breaking it up into 2 days to make it easier. So please pray for NO wrecks, no problems with my car, and that we will not drive each other crazy. Also our entire team will be traveling to Kentucky for intern training in a few weeks and then dispersing all of the world. So please keep us in your prayers as we all travel.
  • Students. Each team will encounter a new group of students every week for the entire summer. Pray for their safety, and that their hearts are open and ready to work hard and be transformed by Jesus.
  •  Amanda and Me. My co-leader (Amanda) is incredible and I’m so excited to spend this summer with her. Please pray that we are open and prepared for the Lord to use us. Pray for our health, safety, and sanity as we work hard this summer serving in Manchester.
  • Clay County, KY. Manchester is in Clay County, which is one of the poorest counties in the US. We will be doing many mission projects in the area so please pray that we can meet these people where they are and meet some of their needs. Most importantly please pray that if they don’t know Jesus we will have the opportunity to not only tell them how incredible a relationship with him is but show them with our actions.
  • Finances. Myself and the entire Summit Staff at LeaderTreks are fully dependent on support from our friends, family, churches, and community. If you aren’t able to donate, please be in prayer that others will be obedient to what the Lord calls them to give. If you do feel led to give you can do so here.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support throughout this journey. I’m excited to get started and will update you as much as possible this summer.


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