My name is Alyssa Morris,  I am 24 years and was born and raised right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I love travelling, antiquing, and drinking tea (still searching for the perfect chai latte). My favorite language is sarcasm, I love to laugh, and going to concerts is my favorite thing to do.

I have an older brother and a twin brother (who is technically older by 1 minute) and an amazing Mom and Dad who support me through anything. When I was 13 I made a decision that changed the trajectory of my life forever; I fell in love with Jesus Christ and decided to dedicate my life to serving him.

I have always craved adventure in different ways, whether it was trying my hand at the balance beam, learning to play the trumpet (well… attempting), or camping with my family. So after High School I made a big change and moved to a small town in South Georgia to attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. This was completely out of the norm for me. I’ve never taken an agricultural class, the only country music I can stand is from the 90’s, and if you think I have an accent…you should meet my friends. But that’s what I loved about it; new experiences, new lifestyle, new adventures. In college I found out who I was in Christ and apart from Him. Thankfully I realized quickly that I am nothing without Christ and even though life is hard and the world is cruel, Christ is unchanging and almighty.

After ABAC I went to Valdosta State where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Speech Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. It wasn’t an easy road; I went to school for 5 1/2 years with a year off in the middle, 3 schools, too many majors, and 9 roommates later, I finally made it.

Fast-forward>> I moved back home with my parents and worked in a Bagel shop for  a year. After that I had an amazing opportunity to work with a ministry called Leader Treks right outside of Chicago where I was able to be a missionary in Manchester, Kentucky for the whole summer. That is what the majority of this blog is about, my crazy adventure that was short lived.

Unfortunately a summer was all God had planned for me and that ministry. Ever since I’ve been working here and there, crafting a lot, and traveling as much as possible. So now this blog is for you, my friends and family, to keep updated on where I am, where I’m going, and a place for me to rant whenever I need to. Thanks for stoping by!